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ȸ (The Peacock)
Directed by Wenqian Gao
Produced by Bing Xue
The Taoist thought Life is a fantasy. I narrative from the psychological state of school life. People are attached to by the ideal life, but life is fantastic a daydream.
Animation, 4 mins, Qingdao, China

Directed by Alexis Chaviaras
A young mare visits Cyprus to take part in races. Frustrated from failure, she abandons the racetrack after confronting her strict father. The mare will meet new friends who will try to help her find her lost courage.
Animation, 20 mins, Lakatamia, Cyprus

Directed by Brandon Chappell
Produced by Charter Road Productions
A young rabbit named SPOOF and his best friend Max are confronted by an evil fox who is determined to destroy them. SPOOF and Max must learn to overcome their fears and love their enemies.
Animation, 12 mins, California, USA

The Sum Total of Our Memory: Facing Alzheimer's Together
Directed by Barbara Klutinis
Produced by Barbara Klutinis
An ode to memory: Couples affected by a partner's recent diagnosis of Early Alzheimer's come to terms with their changing roles. Prominent Alzheimer's medical experts offer their perspectives from the front lines.
Documentary, 57 mins, California, USA

burning memories
Directed by Lyon Sim
Produced by Lens Rebels
A girl reflects on life and comes to terms with the influences of her father.
Drama, 9 mins, Singapore

Scams Incorporated
Directed by Matt Mirams
Produced by Matt Mirams
Three people vying for one job find themselves charmed by a charismatic boss and his beautiful colleagues. But their hopes of a fresh start unravel when they learn this secretive business specialises in scams. When deception is the aim, are good people prepared to abandon their morals for a job? Stars Scott Major (Neighbours, Heartbreak High); Peter Flaherty (The Mane Man, Neighbours); Tim L Long (ETO 1953, Fighting Chance); Carolyn Rey (Model Behaviour, I remember the future); Adam Waycott (Era of Man, Neighbours); and, Calypso Spendlove (Siamese Dream).
Drama, 11 mins, Australia

Split Costs
Directed by Jeffrey Blake Palmer
Produced by Jeffrey Blake Palmer
Two young women from disparate backgrounds share a ride to western Massachusetts in this award-winning story of unexpected friends navigating life's bumpy roads and moving forward with hope.
Drama, 24 mins, Massachusetts, USA

To Oh Seven
Directed by Davis Hall
Produced by Ingrid Price
Some journeys begin at the end of the line.
Drama, 4 mins, New York, USA

Two For the Show
Directed by Michael McCallum
Produced by Michael McCallum, William C. McCallum
A one-night stand gone wrong at a high school reunion, when a man comes into town to see his dying Father for the last time and encounters an abused woman.
Drama, 40 mins, Michigan, USA

anexperimentalviralvlog - the movie remix # !
Directed by Vasco Diogo
Produced by Vasco Diogo
A unique short experimental remix of 15 vlog episodes, originally posted on youtube, based upon a reflexion on identity, manipulation, truth and beauty, that blurs popular influences with performance video and video art processes and ideas. Self-representation document made with a DIY spirit and a urge to work on basic communication principles, such as the confrontation between the artist and the viewer and speech awareness. The audiovisual manipulations function mainly as an expression of repressed emotions in the context of a confessional aesthetics. This is a remixed version of the original video: "anexperimentalviralvlog the movie", 2015, which continuous to be the first autonomous work that appropriates the material I posted on my youtube vlog.
Experimental, 13 mins, Portugal

Directed by Kamila Kuc
Produced by Kamila Kuc
Batum takes as its starting point the experience of near drowning in the Black Sea of Batumi, Georgia. As such, the film is induced with a desire for an auto-ethnographical self-interrogation. Images that feature in the film are a constellation of personal and prosthetic memories, acquired through historical and cultural knowledge as exemplified by the poems of Osip Mandelstam and Joseph Stalin, among other cultural tropes. Batum explores certain displacement of identity that emerges when we encounter past experiences. It seeks to experience how memories become fiction once recorded and how in this process of recording, the camera itself held a mysterious agency.
Experimental, 9 mins, United Kingdom

before chill
Directed by Sylvia Toy St. Louis
Produced by Sylviatoyindustries
This movie is a video poem about aging/the changing of the seasons. It was inspired by the signs that winter is about to happen here in San Francisco, this town that "has no seasons." Just like everywhere else that I've lived, however, there is a pungency, a dryness in the whispering breeze that will grow into a raging wind in a few weeks, a stillness and a beautiful pearlescent sky. I shot this movie on my way home from dayjob as I the scenic route through San Francisco's beautiful Civic Center. I edited this movie in first-gen Splice on my IPhone. What a lovely way that was to begin twilight.
Experimental, 3 mins, California, USA

Dead Mall
Directed by Dustin Morrow
Produced by Dustin Morrow
Today, many malls have been converted into other spaces - commercial office parks, university administration offices - but even more have been shuttered and are falling into disrepair. Google "dead malls" and you will find an online community of thousands of people who trade photographs and videos of these abandoned spaces, many of which feature broken windows, long-dead plants, and crumbling walls where once stood the touchstone of the American consumer shopping experience.
Experimental, 6 mins, Oregon, USA

HyperZooming through Hallstatt
Directed by Geoff Tompkinson
Produced by Liz Tompkinson
The beautiful historic town of Hallstatt is a Unesco World Heritage site in Upper Austria. It is visited by many thousands of tourists each year but perhaps none of them get to see it quite like this. As if on the back of an invisible insect we fly around the sites of this wonderful town in one continuous journey passing through buildings to emerge in different parts of the town, finally ending up on the new viewpoint from Rudolfsturm perched high above the ancient town square. Those of you who know Hallstatt, as well as anyone who watches the video carefully, will appreciate that I have applied a little artistic licence to the geometry of the town in order to seamlessly link the locations. The footage was shot over a two day period but the post production, of course, took considerably longer.
Experimental, 3 mins, Austria

I am Acceptance
Directed by Thomas Harding
Produced by Thomas Harding
A meditative short film for Self-acceptance. Film begins and ends with mantra of abundance and understanding, "Om Brzee Shakti Braman Atman Jagna." Find your meaning within.
Experimental, 9 mins, Wisconsin, USA

One floor above sing until someone swims with dolphins.
Directed by Vik Laschenov
Produced by Vik Laschenov
The heroes of my film work in the glass offices in business-centres, in stylish cafes & co-working spaces. They are successful and wealthy, but a little unhappy. Not feeling at ease, they rush into the forest where they try to live using the habitual objects and usual behaviour. Their colleagues suppose that the demons of downshifting are to blame (for this). The demons of downshifting need to be expelled.
Experimental, 11 mins, Moscow, Russian Federation

This is Always the Result
Directed by Abigail Norris
Produced by Abigail Norris
"This is Always the Result" - chaotic violence and human frailty seep through the fault lines of an ordinary life in an ordinary seaside town.
Experimental, 30 mins, United Kingdom

You're Just Projecting
Directed by Marinah Janello
Produced by Marinah Janello
Shot in Paris, and later projected in Rhode Island onto walls and objects, "You're Just Projecting" is an intentional fragmentation of the female body wherein legs, breasts, stomachs hands and feet have been placed in or near pieces of architecture that give the illusion of being separate from an actual body to create a sense of entrapment. The concept of the popular image of women in the 1950's-60's, and today is repurposed by altering and satirizing the male gaze which is only accentuated by the incorporation of the male voice.
Experimental, 3 mins, Paris, France

The End of Time and Romance
Directed by Mark C. Pollock
Produced by Mark C. Pollock
A lonely woman is startled when an unexpected visitor arrives in her backyard claiming to come from another time!
Fantasy, 9 mins, USA

A Way Out
Directed by Jason Tostevin
Produced by Jason Tostevin
For aging gangster Vic, a ride with his upstart protege becomes a twisted game of cat and mouse when both killers discover the other has been keeping a deadly secret.
Thriller, 14 mins, Ohio, USA

Directed by Michael Lockett
Produced by Michael Lockett, Cara Anderson, Frank Choi, Michelle Paolillo, Penny Citrola
Finding themselves both witnesses and possible suspects to a murder, two women must do the unthinkable... commit one. Stars Christine Guerra (House of Cards).
Thriller, 28 mins, New York, USA




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