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3 Pints

Directed by Richard Anthony Dunford
Produced by Richard Anthony Dunford
A girl struggles to cope after discovering her fiance is having an affair.
Drama, 8 mins, Sussex, United Kingdom

The Emotional Dimensions of the James River
Directed by Michelle Marquez
Produced by Michelle Marquez
This experimental film provides an emotional roller coaster experience that was musically and visually designed based on a neuroscience research project that correlates a mathematical parameter (fractal dimension) of sounds and images with the selective triggering of emotional states. Enlighten yourself by looking at the world from your personal point of view while dreaming inside your curiosity. Michelle Marquez, a fifteen year-old scientist and artist, conceptualized, produced and directed this short experimental film in collaboration with Patrick Gregory and music of Lincoln Mitchell.
Experimental, 4 mins, Virginia, USA








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